Artist in Precious Metals

Artist diary

Karin has begun a very busy year : 2015 is looking exciting.

A busy year for Karin Sheldon : upcoming is the Great Dome Art Fair in Buxton 17 – 19 July : ‘Made by Hand’ in Cardiff : ‘Handmade’ at Kew  8 – 11 : keep an eye on my Facebook page – Karin Sheldon Artist in Precious Metals for many local events for me.

Also, a collection titled ‘Summer in the City’  is at Manchester Art Gallery with Manchester Jewellers Network.  A busy collection of Jewellers – a big project this year is a travelling exhibition to celebrate 150 years of ‘Alice’  launching with, what else, a Tea Party at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

Karin’s favourite trade show – British Craft Trade Fair 2016.   In the Design Gap aisles.

Unique work never stops.  Investigating and experimenting.

Commissions for special occasions of all kinds, a career in ‘the trade’ means all kinds of work can be undertaken.